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Posted on by Chris Speed

New recordings I made a while back in Denmark with Jakob Anderskov and Mark Solborg respectively are now out and available on the ilk label.
in September Alasnoaxis played the Reykjavik Jazzfest then recorded at the swimming pool studio that Sigur Ros built; Jim is currently mixing with Ron St Germain, sounds f&^% insane and should be out in time for our bunch of shows this May!
Later in September I was invited to Portugal to record with LAMA for Trem Azul/Cleanfeed, it can be a challenge to crash into a great working band as a guest, but they were down and super fun. While there i visited Marco Franco who was mixing the latest Mikado Lab recording that I recorded with them a while ago, Marco is an amazing composer, drummer and a great spirit, this trip he turned me on to some wonderful recordings of Caetano Veloso, Chico Buarque, Mingus playing solo piano and this gem.
I was super excited and nervous to be part of Uri Caine's Moonsongs project in October. I thought it was going to be a Pierre Lunnaire deconstruct, (and borrowed Anthony Burr's old A clarinet to crash course the original)  but apparently the Schoenberg estate was having nothing of that, so Uri wrote a whole new score to the poetry of Albert Girauds. We premiered it in the Vienna Konzerthaus. Hello?


I've been spending time in LA where Leah moved last year, and so I booked a show there on November 6th (not realizing then that it was election day) to play with my old friend from the Boston days Jeff Parker and new friends Devin Hoff and Matt Mayhall, we ate ramen, drank beer, heard the election results, then played some old music of mine at the Blue Whale.
Other exciting times in Nov were a couple of gigs in France with Claudia, and a new recording with Dave King's Trucking Band in Minneapolis at the Terrarium! Recorded and mixed in two days straight to tape old school, and engineered by Jason Orris.


I've been writing music this fall and everything I come up recently seems to involve various groups of 3/8.