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Posted on by Chris Speed

John Hollenbeck is consistent in keeping the Claudias busy, just finished round two of rehearsing and recording his latest batch of (the month of September inspired) tunes at maestro Taub's that apparently has to be out in September. We will be playing the music from "Royal Toast" Thursday June 13th in Park Slope at the Bklyn Conservatory. 
June 6th 10pm at Barbés I'll be playing a fraction of the oeuvre known as "The Music of Duke Ellington" with Ben Perowsky and Brad Shepik. Which will be fun as long as I don't overthink what a heavy choice it is to play a show dedicated to the music of the greatest American Composer ... Who... Ever... Lived.. ehh.
The long awaited Midnight Lilacs is finally available, on vinyl. I think this is the first vinyl I've appeared on more then one track on. With Zeno De Rossi, Danilo Gallo and Marc Ribot!