folk music

Posted on by Chris Speed

PACHORA came together In 1992 when Jim Black, Brad Shepik and I started working on a bunch of tunes from Bulgaria and Greece. With the addition of Skuli Sverrisson we developed original music working the odd time signatures and melodies of Balkan music with jazz and improvisation and stayed busy in NYC playing the Knitting Factory, etc.
I was initially introduced to Eastern European folk music in George Schuller’s band Orange then Blue, bandmate Matt Darriau was very generous with his world music expertise and record collection; I was captivated by the beauty of the Bulgarian Women’s Choir and dove into traditional music of the Balkans with the same passion I had for jazz. The music revived my interest in the clarinet, connected with me melodically and blew my mind with regards to meter.  Unravelling out the various rhythms like the 11/8 rhythm in Boris Karlov’s Gankino Oro has had a profound effect on how I approach melody within meter. All this to say PACHORA is playing August 16th in Iceland at the Reykjavik Jazz Fest. You can hear us here - youtube.